Mikah and Christian are two of the sweetest, giddiest, loveliest people I’ve ever met. These guys are just overflowing with energy and light. And knowing that Mikah is a wedding vendor herself, I knew I needed to absolutely knock her and Christian’s video out of the park. She pours so much love and care into her clients on their special days, so she deserved to be celebrated to the fullest as well.

Talk about a day filled with intention. From their vows to their first looks to their private last dance, these two had me fully emotional along with them. Mikah told me that she wanted her guests “to walk in and feel like they're going to fall in love again.” Their winter wedding was the romantic start the the new year that we didn’t know we needed.


Emotional Boho Micro Wedding

“You called me your moon because no matter what phase the moon is in, its still the moon, and its still beautiful. And you still love every phase of it.”

I tried to find a way to make that entire quote into the title for this video, but breaking it down would be a disservice to some of the most beautiful vows I've ever heard. Christiana and Zack are two of the most kind-hearted and intentional people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Both of their ceremonies, the one just for them and the one in front of all of their friends, were so personal and full of meaning. The care and admiration they have for one another is unmatched and we were blessed just to be in the presence of such overwhelming devotion.


The most special clients are the ones that become genuine friends long after the wedding celebrations are over. And it's the greatest gift I have as a videographer to create art for people like this.

Thao and Chris are so special, hilarious, kind, and thoughtful, pouring everything they have into the people they care about. Their wedding day was a chance for everyone in their lives to pour back into them and celebrate this new milestone they had reached together.

Emotional Multicultural Fall Wedding at Firefly Gardens

I went to high school with Avery and Chad - they are the ultimate high school sweethearts - so seeing their names appear in my inbox was a freaking dream come true. These are two of the most heartfelt, joyful, and genuine people I've ever met and telling their story has been one of the high points of my career.

I can't watch this video without getting choked up because it's so evident that everyone in their lives cares so deeply for them. They pour into others ceaselessly and selflessly, bringing happiness wherever they go, and their wedding was such a beautiful reflection of that. Cheers to the forever Mr. and Mrs. TCA and Mr. and Mrs. Brightside!!


 Modern Classic Wedding at Hotel Emma

"Physicists don't really have an answer for what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, but they both surrender." One of the many poetic lines that had an absolute chokehold on me as I edited Jake and Hannah's film. I know their wedding was in early February, but I'm already calling it my wedding of the year.

You've never met two more genuine human beings. They are my indie movie dream couple come true, effortlessly cool, and outrageously kind. Upon meeting them, you instantly feel like you've known them forever because they pour into their people with everything they have. I could write an entire novel about how much I love them and this wedding, but instead, consider this 9 minute video my love letter to the Bairds.

Christian + Mikah

Christ Centered Boho Wedding at The French Farmhouse

Avery + Chad

High School Sweethearts Marry After Eight Years | The Adolphus Hotel

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