There are times as a wedding vendor where you're just sailing through the day with your couples because the vibes are THAT immaculate - and that was Claire and Justin's wedding day, for sure. All throughout the process, they kept saying, "This is going to be us," which lead to one of the most easy-going and organic wedding days I've ever experienced.

Smack that play button to see how I made their "Taylor Swift meets pop punk" dream of a wedding film come to life!


Romantic Winter Wedding at Contigo Ranch Fredericksburg

Miranda and Barrett sent me a billion sweet texts after I delivered their full film gallery, but the message that stuck out the most to me was "It's like you've known us forever :)"

Because that's the way your wedding film SHOULD feel, like its made by someone who has known you forever. I wanted this film specifically to reflect all the laughter and joy they bring out in their people, to illustrate how deeply they care for each other and how seriously they take their relationship, and to showcase how thoughtful they were in planning each and every detail of their wedding day.

Nick + minh

Nick and Minh's film was one that I started and stopped, put down and came back to, because I felt this intense responsibility to get it right. This wedding had so many important touchstones for them, from the cultural traditions they incorporated, to the performances at the reception, to the overall celebration of everything it means to be getting married as two gay men. This wedding was joyous, touching, meaningful, and so authentically them.

Modern Multicultural LGTBQ+ Wedding in Fort Worth, Texas

"Physicists don't really have an answer for what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, but they both surrender." One of the many poetic lines that had an absolute chokehold on me as I edited Jake and Hannah's film. I know their wedding was in early February, but I'm already calling it my wedding of the year.

You've never met two more genuine human beings. They are my indie movie dream couple come true, effortlessly cool, and outrageously kind. Upon meeting them, you instantly feel like you've known them forever because they pour into their people with everything they have. I could write an entire novel about how much I love them and this wedding, but instead, consider this 9 minute video my love letter to the Bairds.


Lush Romantic Spring Wedding at The White Sparrow

I left Annie and Cole’s spring wedding feeling genuinely renewed as an artist. This day was such a breath of fresh air and the joy was palpable between these two families. Annie and Cole remained so present throughout the entire day, which is my favorite thing because then we get to step into that moment with you and capture everything as it really happened.

Annie and Cole, you guys are forever favorites in my heart and I love, love, love what we created together.


Natural Summer Wedding at Confluence Park in San Antonio, TX


Modern Classic Wedding at Hotel Emma

watch the films

These are the moments worth reliving, again and again

Dr. and Dr. Ratliff are a power couple for the ages and since they were my last couple of 2022, we went out with a bang. Every single frame of their film is brimming with life because their love is a FORCE, y'all! It extends to anyone in their presence because they care so deeply about every single one of their people.

Genevieve and Hunter, thank you for such a magical end to my wedding season. Thank you and your families for welcoming me so warmly into this weekend and making us feel like family. It was an honor and privilege to create this keepsake for all of you.

Genevieve + HUNTER

Emotional Winter Wedding at Stonebriar Country Club