Wedding videography

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One of the best things I’ve ever heard is:

“Your wedding video will outlive you.”

I fully understand the weight of that statement. Photos help you to remember who was there and what you did, but video makes you remember how it felt. And I want your wedding film to feel like a home movie that your best friend made for you. A film made by someone who sees and values everything that you are, individually and together.

There’s something truly magical about capturing moments in motion, and I’d be honored to do that for you and yours.

Bess Ophelia Haase


Located In dallas, tx

TRAVELING WORLD wide for love

"We've had a few days to process over our video and well, we're gonna need the next 70 to form words about how you've started something so monumental for us. You've set us up to make home movies and take more pictures.

It's far more than a craft you have, Bess, it's more than dedication - your character is in this video."

 - Hallie + Creg

“The way you captured this day is how I want to remember it for the rest of my life.

You found every perfect moment and captured it in THE most perfect way. Every flower petal, every tear I shed for John and for the journey we have taken together. I cannot thank you enough. This little video made me feel so special, so beautiful, so loved, and so treasured.

It is truly the greatest give to have this film."

- Mary + John

"I really don't have words to describe the joy I feel watching our video, but please know that we will cherish our film from that day forever. It's like nothing I have ever seen before. Watching it, I feel those emotions from the day flood right back, while also getting to see and hear things that I didn't on the day of.

I don't think I would have this reaction if it wasn't you who captured our day. You have a god given talent that I'm so honored to have experienced."

- Kyle + Mallory

"You really brought out the magic of the day in a way that is still feels down to earth and so true to us.

I didn't realize how much my memory of all the little moments in our wedding was already fading until we watched your film. We kept turning to each other and saying "Oh yeah! Remember this?"

You completely understood what we wanted and 10000% delivered on it."

- Alex + Wilder


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